For any patient who is suffering from CMT, Nutrition is the sole key. In case of the Charcot Marie Tooth disease, it can pose massive damage to weight loss. In case, if a patient is suffering from CMT, it is advisable to have a good nutrition which can sustain the overall weight of the body.

One of the major challenges which people face in CMT is it takes longer for them to recover from an exercise. The food which you will eat needs to have more nutritional value in it and it should not spike your insulin.

Have a look at the top foods which must be a part of a CMT patient’s diet plan:


On the basis of a recent study, it is found that a compound present in Spinach increases protein synthesis which helps in a faster muscle repair process. Hence, whenever you finish your exercise, you can have a bowl of Spinach which will gradually repair your muscles.


A pineapple contains bromelain, papain which is much more valuable. They are anti-inflammatory and can repair muscles at a faster rate.

Green Tea:

According to the latest study in Men’s health, a person who drank around three cups of tea had fewer cell damages. Although, such tea is not tested on CMT patients, still, it is a great option for them.

Charcot Marie Tooth Rehabilitation:

In case of rehabilitation, we have picked some of the most effective ways which every CMT patient must inculcate in their lives:

  • Mild to Moderate Level Exercise is great and is safe for patients who are suffering from CMT disease. Further, it results in efficient improvements in walking and strengthening the lower limp portion.
  • Obesity Makes walking extremely difficult and it must be avoided at any cost
  • Doing Daily Heel-Stretching Exercise can help in the prevention of Achilles Tendon Shortening
  • Interventions which are made for improving the body posture and balance can be helpful plenty of times
  • Use of Orthopedic devices can be helpful at times. For example, Planters can be of a great help for correcting the foot position and bracing orthotics can cure the upper limb issue.

Charcot Marie Tooth Walking:

If a patient is suffering from CMT, he may find tremendous difficulty while walking and doing bodily movements. This results in the body being fatigued and there is no energy for the body to make further walking movements.

Here, you can choose a set of walking poles for a CMT patient. With a great set of Walking Poles, the movement becomes stress-free, pain-free and more often enjoying. With the two poles, an ideal symmetry is formed which increases the strength and flexibility of CMT patients.

In addition, the walking poles can add to a training aid for balancing. On the basis of some Medical Studies, walking using poles have resulted in better breathing, low stress on joints and plenty of other benefits.

For learning walking with poles, the Foot Solutions Inc has a great program, ‘Nordic Walking Program’ named as “Balanced Walking”. This program teaches the CMT patients how to use walking poles in an effective manner.

Charcot Marie Tooth Yoga:

Yoga brings in some essential benefits for the patients who are suffering from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. The CMT patients often have a hard time living and face issues with their neuropathy.

However, if a CMT patient consistently performs yoga, it can help reduce stress, bring in some positive energy and will help to balance spirit and mind.

Following are the Benefits which the CMT patients can get from doing regular yoga in their lives:

Yoga can help and improve:

  • Blood Circulation

By performing regular yoga, you will feel an increase in the blood flow throughout your body

  • Flexibility

Patients suffering from CMT have major flexibility issues. With Yoga, the body muscles can be freed which will increase the mobility among joints.

  • Coordination

CMT does tend to lower the coordination among patients. With some great set of Yoga exercises, you can increase your coordination levels to great extents.

Emotional Benefits:

Yoga can help to:

  • Lower Stress-levels (Cortisol reduction)
  • Gives a good sense of well-being
  • Enhances the mental clarity and focus
  • Increases self-esteem and Confidence

Charcot Marie Tooth Diet:

Although there is no specific diet for CMT patients, still it is recommended to consume a diet which is balanced, contains the essential protein, minerals and can help to maintain a normal weight.

For convenience, here is a small diet plan which every CMT patient must follow:

  • Eat lots of grains, fruits, vegetables which can provide the necessary energy and suffice hunger
  • Limit the sugar and salt intake as it can spike insulin and can result in diabetes (another medical condition)
  • If you drink alcohol, limit its drinking and only drink it in moderation:
  • For Men, you can drink 2 glasses per day.
  • For Women, 1 glass per day

Disadvantages of Excessive Alcohol Drinking:

If a CMT patients too much alcohol, it can result in imbalance and can increase the risk of injury in future.

Charcot Marie tooth Exercises:

Till date, there is no sure shot cure for CMT and we are left with medication and following a strict lifestyle. In addition, there are lots of therapies which can improve the bodily movements of CMT patients.

For CMT patients, it is responsible to maintain a healthy movement, increase strength and have a good flexibility. The best way to strengthen the muscles is to follow a routine of moderate activity. In this case, a physical therapist can help a CMT patient by designing an exercise program which can fit the patient’s lifestyle.

Exercises which do not put an added pressure on the joints include:

  • Swimming
  • Walking with Poles( Balance Walking)
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Tai

Effectively doing the above set of exercises will eventually generate a sense of relief from CMT. In either case, CMT patients can make a daily exercise program and can follow it for maximised results.